Crash crash crash crash crash....bug

#1DEVILIXPosted 12/24/2012 9:15:31 PM
So i spent half the day making my own level which turned out epic imo and now i'm onto the final part of making my own weapons and putting them in weaponizers, i can place them into custom weaponizers fine, i got to random and press square to tweek, .....crash..... so ok i am used to the odd crash here and there.

Load the game back up, go back to placing the random weaponizers, go to tweek......crash
I do this 2 more times exact same thing crash when i go to tweek.

So i try to do something else just make custom weapons, come back 10-15 minutes later, put down the random weaponizer, go to tweek.... crash

I don;t understand because now without my custom weapons i am stuck on what to do, im not sure if this is a bug or something, but everytime i go to tweek my game crashes.

I have the digital version but i don;t want to re-download 16gb, and i don't want to delete my data otherwise i just wasted half a day, anyone else having this problem?
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#2JKiiiPosted 12/24/2012 9:43:28 PM
Its a bug, that happens to anyone that has too many custom made weapons.
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#3DEVILIX(Topic Creator)Posted 12/24/2012 10:09:14 PM
so to fix it i just delete my custom weapons?
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