No 4-Player local co-op?

#1arpantzPosted 12/25/2012 11:37:14 PM
My friends just got this for christmas. We were all exited about diving into the game, as we're all fans of LBP and ModNation. It seems odd for them to follow up ModNation with...another kart racer, but whatever. One of the biggest disappointments though is that it doesn't seem you can do 4-player local co-op. Right now the internet is down at my friends' house, so we can't get online to try any of the community tracks. It makes for a less enjoyable experience than we had first imagined.

For those of you who haven't played this yet, you start the game with no tracks unlocked. Instead, each track is unlocked by beating the corresponding story mode race. Unfortunately, taking a step back from the awesome design of allowing everyone in on the fun of collecting unlockables and working towards progress in missions, the game only allows 2 players to play simaltaneously. This really changes the game dynamic from "let's all do a bunch of missions back to back" to "okay, us two will do some story missions, you two chill out and we'll call you when we unlock some new tracks for us to race on".Don't get me wrong, the game design seems pretty awesome in most regards and it's a lot of fun when we're all 4 playing. But it's not much of a party when the game cuts out your other two players, only letting them back in to replay a stage in a mode where you can't get any unlockables. Limitations like this are an odd choice for such an open-ended series like LBP.
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