My LBPK tracks (PSN name: ZhugeLiang527)

#1JudgeSpearPosted 12/26/2012 5:39:54 PM
I see some familiar names here from LBP Central! Here are three LBPK tracks I have published:

LittleBigHouse Raceway:
Description: This level was first made in the LBPK public beta! Race inside and outside a giant house. Weave through giant furniture and scale a huge bookcase! Scramble across the kitchen countertop and a burning stove! Lots of jumps and alternate routes.

This level was team-picked on Dec 14 2012. It is my first level, so it does have some problems with gameplay.


War of the Sackworlds:
Description: Colossal aliens have awakened from their dormant state and began their relentless attack on LittleBigPlanet! Do not stay in the sights of any of the aliens too long or you're disintegrated! Don't get stomped!

This level was also team-picked on Dec. 14, 2012. I originally wanted to make a Mass Effect inspired level; the aliens' designs are based on the Reaper destroyers from Mass Effect 3. Later, I decided not to make anything in LBPK based on other game franchise properties and turned the level into a War of the Worlds inspired level. It is easily my most popular level yet, but even then, there are problems with some of the turns in this level.


El Lago Vainilla:
Expert AI version (EX):
Description: It is Christmas time in beautiful El Lago Vainilla, frozen over from the icy winter! Just watch out for the snowmen! But wait...something is not right in this serene winter landscape...

(EX version) - The AI players are EXTREMELY aggressive! They will favor attacking you over each other, and they will race at top speed, using weapons with alarming accuracy!

I made this level as part of the steady stream of Christmas and winter themed levels being published by the community. El Lago Vainilla is inspired by the winter levels from Super Mario Kart (in fact, the name El Lago Vainilla is Spanish for "(The) Vanilla Lake", which is the name of the frozen lake racetracks in the original 1992 SNES Super Mario Kart). I've included a field of deadly snowmen similar to the ones found in Frappe Snowland of Mario Kart 64, a cave full of dangerous ice crystals, and an avalanche section as track hazards. What does El Lago Vainilla have that sets it apart from all other Christmas LBPK levels? Play it and see!