Is there a hidden difficulty setting you can access for hardcore racers?

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3 years ago#1
You know, for the person who grabs every boost and every bubble, hugs every corner and drift boosts out of every turn, chooses their targets when using weapons and knows when to defend, the kind of person who dominates in kart racing games...

and consistently places somewhere between 4th and 8th on Casual mode in the later races?

This is getting ridiculous. I don't even know what I'm doing wrong. When I lose in any other game, including other Kart racers, I at least know what's making me lose. The bots are just always ahead of me and it seems to me that I'm doing everything right. Staying on track, drift boosting, using weapons the way that WOULD work in MNR or MK or whatever and I'm getting my ass handed to me on easy mode by these stupid honeybees. Why are the bots so much faster than me when I'm picking up every boost on the track and drift boosting on every turn without hitting walls, going off track, etc?
3 years ago#2
WOOOOO stuck to the exact same game plan and took 1st. Hooray for... victory?

3 years ago#3
It gets so much worse. the difficulty you are playing is the "Normal" default setting. There is a hard and expert difficulty setting you can use for the AI in your own tracks. And if you do, you can say goodbye to them when they pass you 5 seconds after the green flag. Cause you'll never see them again except for when they double lap you even if you do play the track flawlessly. This devilish method of "difficulty" by the developers has happened in the past before with Modnation Racers. Thankfully you dont have to deal with hard and expert diffiuclty in story mode, however people are too stupid to change the difficulty to easy for their online tracks so you'll still be dealing what you are going through now if you just want to try Community tracks for fun.
Little King of LBP Level Recordings
3 years ago#4

The funny thing is that the game ended with a "battle round" kinda thing that was so hilariously easy in comparison to just any ole random race.

I do remember ModNation Racers being tough at parts but I felt like if I really nailed the drifting and performed well on the track in MNR I was definitely going to take first, barring the occasional incident where the cheap weapons will just screw you and you don't have enough shields to block 5 attacks in a row. If I lost a round, I could usually pinpoint the moment where I missed an opportunity or screwed something up and it all fell apart. I'd maybe miss with an attack at a key moment, or in some cases I might go off-track while trying to take a turn too tightly or something. In two of the races in LBPK I kept thinking to myself "I am doing everything PERFECTLY. How is it possible I'm not in first??"

It's pretty disappointing, because LBP's cuteness makes it a perfect game to play with somebody else but when you run into these situations it's just frustrating.
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