Cool Levels - A Tale of Hope!

#1nordwestPosted 6/19/2013 10:12:07 AM
Once upon a time I got this game Day 1, having been a fan of MNR and LBP, and raced a bunch of races and created a bunch of nicely-crafted levels (IMO, lol). But as level plays dropped off from few to near-zero (and the Online Win trophy seemed ever-more glitched) I grew disappointed and disappeared from the game...

However, since a couple of friends got into LBPK recently via the 'free on PS+' thing I thought I'd drop back on and blimey! One of my levels is now somehow on Cool Levels and Team Picks! OK so it took a year, and its a few pages down but hey, there is hope that a level can come back from oblivion and get played by more than a multi-handful of people!

I'm not going to bother posting the name of this level or any others of mine - that isn't the point of this post - but thought I'd simply share a happier story from the land of LBPK...