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Why does some of the DLC say unavailable even though I bought them? (Archived)Teepo6442/21/2013
Cross-DLC is live (Archived)KickMeElmo22/19/2013
help - cant get 100 percent on certain levels (Archived)Karelian_42/19/2013
Update 1.10 is up (Archived)LukePlayer42/18/2013
$20 at Best Buy right now (Archived)DevourerofLove22/16/2013
Emergency Services DLC Inbound (Archived)o0o_Shadow_o0o22/15/2013
Official LBPkarting PSN friends threat (Archived)
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When will the update occur? (Archived)Starkiller100052/15/2013
So is slapping pointless? (Archived)Ben Reilly52/10/2013
New to LBP Karting (Archived)Ramner8422/8/2013
How does it compare to something like mario kart? (Archived)
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How do UFG create the strafing (lane-movement) tracks? (Archived)JuJitsu9732/5/2013
Why is this game so bad? (Archived)
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need some people to play my level (Archived)DNINE12/4/2013
Is there a hidden difficulty setting you can access for hardcore racers? (Archived)ElDudorino42/3/2013
Looking for some cool people to race with (Archived)Ms_Andry71/31/2013
invites in this game are so hard... (Archived)DJPLACE41/30/2013
are all kart builds the same? (Archived)
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Adding levels to your queue? (Archived)mignoncurieux31/29/2013
ATTN: Creators, do you want your levels played? (Archived)
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