Anyone done the picture quest for Gremlin Kip?

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4 years ago#1
So if you go back to the Floatyard you can find Gremlin Kip on a little ledge below the Stromboli float but before the drums. He asks you to take pictures of certain floats for him. All you get is an e-ticket reward supposedly, 250 I think, but I'm stuck on the second picture. He says he wants a picture of the cuckoo clocks? I've tried both places but can't seem to find where to take the picture. I'm a completionist so I hate leaving it unfinished. Anyone know where to get the shot?
4 years ago#2
Kip is not a Quest or a Challenge.
Doing Kip goes beyond being a completionist, to being a masochist.

If you want to get to the other side of the drums, just go to the DEC manhole entrance of the Floatyard. Thin out the Clown face, activate his nose, and go through, to the other side.

There is, also, a gold piece of cloth up on the shelf.
- - - - -
Otherwise, there are several spots on these Gamespot & Gamefaqs site that give details -- but nothing you don't already know.

Don't put the cuckoo in the center of your frame. Put the clock and pipe on top in the center.

And, then, struggle with his next request, and his next request, etc.
4 years ago#3
lol well, let's put it this way I could get by without doing it but it's left me curious. I might try it again but if I can't get it then I'll just let it go.

Thanks for the tip I've been all up and down the Floatyard so I know my way around well enough. The guide I read said to take a picture of the pipes but I couldn't get it to work so I might just leave it but I thought I'd ask. Thanks again!
4 years ago#4
I assume you didn't break the Stromboli Statue, and have easy access to the Cuckoo Tunnel, instead of going past steam, and making your way back. If you have messed around too much, you can't even get a cuckoo back out of it's box.
-- - - - -
ANSWER: When you leave Kip, and are on the Stromboli side of the Cuckoo Clocks, heading toward the Candy Canyon, have the Cuckoo on the left side in, and the one on the right side out.
(To accomplish this, when both cuckoos are out, have Oswald zap the power box. Quickly have Mickey paint the front of the cuckoo on the left.
The left is the tight, sharp curve.)

Now, pass the cuckoos, until you see the Candy Canyon, turn around, and stand on the Candy Canyon side, facing the cuckoo.
Like you said, do not take a picture of the cuckoo -- as sadist Kip told you to do -- just to mess with you and give you an impossible task.

Instead, stand back, and aim your camera up. I do it between the clock and the pipes. (Certainly aiming at the pipes is better than aiming at the cuckoo bird.)

It is like the Hidden Mickey in OsTown behind Ortensia's house -- camera out, aim, no luck, camera back, take a step, camera out, aim, no luck, camera back, take a step, ...
- - - - -
BTW, completionist, (like me), you can get all 16 films and all 5 DECs in one game.
One of these Gamespot & Gamefaqs sites told me how.
It works.
4 years ago#5
Ah thank you! I tried getting a picture with both cuckoos out so now I'll try this with just the one out. I appreciate it ^^ I didn't destroy the Stromboli float either so that helps.

I only have three projectors left to go as I've just started Episode 3. I've gotten all 5 DEC's too so I'm pretty pleased with this playthrough so far. Thank you again!
4 years ago#6
LOL I took a picture of the cuckoo clock on accident while searching, and I got Gus talking saying I should show him the photo even though the sight wasn't green. I went back and talked to Kip but it didn't count since the sight wasn't green, yet Gus was telling me I got the picture.

I'm done with this lol It's not something I absolutely had to do but wanted to try and getting this result just made me laugh. Haha thanks again I'm off to episode three.
4 years ago#7
Just beat the game, Good Ending, had everything good in the end. I've completed all of the quests and gotten every achievement except for Off Track. No idea if it's even possible to get all 46 at once unless there's a way found to repair the train stations after they're shuttered, but, anyway I've completed the game as thoroughly as possible on my first playthrough, well, second, since I started it then quit before leaving Fort Wasteland.

So that's all 176 Pins, all 16 Reels, all 5 DECs, all ten costumes, every quest complete and all achievements besides Off Track.

I'm missing 3 concept art and I'm going to try and find where they are; is it even possible to get all of the concept art in one playthrough? I can't seem to locate 15, 16 and 17.

But besides that I'm pretty much done lol Awesome game though despite the trials here and there.
4 years ago#8
Since you are into giggles, have you used the Mean Street Cinema to Blot Alley? Have you talked with Ghost Ian?
Spoiler Alert...Stop reading if you want to discover for yourself.

When I got the Flower Costumes for Clarabelle's spatters, Ghost Ian also gave me a request to get costumes for the spatters he was civilizing in Blot Alley.
(This is what Daisy was reporting in Ventureland. You only needed to do one path to get credit.
But, you can go back to Ghost Ian.

I had sold Ghost Ian's costumes to the museum for credit toward "One Toon's Trash." But, once you have the credit, and have finished with Clarabelle, you can buy the costumes back for Ghost Ian. You see him straight ahead, when you come out of the projector screen.

Then, take a walk through Blot Alley.
None of the little Ink Spatters will head-butt you anymore.

AND, they are so cute!!! (Much cuter than when you were fighting them with the first boss, and dumb Oswald wouldn't electrify the power boxes because he would fight them. I told Oswald to just do the power, and don't worry about the spatters until they pulled their head back to head-butt him, then, just spin the spatters, and electrify the boxes. BUT, would Oswald listen? NO!!!)

Anyway, these are the inventive costumes they wore in Epic Mickey 1, as you went through the game, and scenes were merged from "It's a Small World."

As you would say, " lol ".
4 years ago#9
As for what you said about the Train Stations:
I do not believe it is possible to repair a station that has been irreparably damaged by the earthquakes. Or, so Gus and the Characters say. Many have tried, and nobody reports success.

I do not believe it is possible to destroy a Train Station that you have repaired. Especially in Bog Easy, where there is a Fireworks bomb, and you have unlimited anvils.

Your happy ending that is in your extras will not change, so, play!!!
BUT, if you can, save your wonderful game, somehow, and then destroy what you have done, just for the experience. The windmill and the entrance to the undergrounds, and using thinner inside the underground.
(Going back to the underground that has the paint/thinner pumps, have Oswald zap the power box to reset the tanks to even, then change from paint to thinner, filling the tanks on both sides to thinner, and you will access another generic pin. )

Spray thinner at the funnel above the jug band. You get sheet metal, but it is too late for Louis in the shack to acknowledge it.

Thin the gold rubble beside the store, and let Oswald use his boomerang leg. (I must share, that the Collectors' Edition of Epic Mickey had a Mickey Statue, and his arms and feet could move, and fall off -- which is what I think inspired Oswald's leg coming off. lol
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