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4 years ago#1
Greetings Epic Mickey enthusiasts and sorry if this issue was discussed elsewhere but i couldn't seem to find the answer i was looking for...

I have Epic Mickey 2 for the regular Wii and it appears that it is impossible to complete all the challenges in one save slot (namely completing the "Getting Off Track" challenge would not allow you to get the "Perfectionist Challenge" and vice versa)... and thus impossible to get the "can i get a pin for that?" challenge (which incidentally isn't even listed as one of the challenges).

I have noticed in other platforms, like the Wii U, that they have a "Continue game" and a "New game" option from their start up menu.
Whereas in the regular Wii, we just have a "Start Game" option for any one save slot.
So once completing the game (either thinner method or paint method) you cannot simply start a new game in the save slot (like in Epic Mickey 1) to finish completing the challenges.

Nothing carries over when you delete a save slot and restart, and i mean nothing.. no pins, no film reels ...and most importantly: no challenge completions!

So, finally my question: is this a glitch in my game that i cannot create a new game within one save slot to complete all the challenges, and say do a thinner/bad playthrough to get the "off track" challenge?
4 years ago#2
I have a Wii, too, and your Challenges are operating correctly.
You cannot repair a train station after you have neglected it until the earthquake irreparably destroyed it. You cannot destroy it, after you have repaired it. Period.

Quests are something that are part of the game. Challenges are just for fun.
- - - -
When you open a Wii game, after it gives a "do not turn off saving note", you press "A", for START.

Then, you have your choice of three slots.

If you choose a slot that you were working on, you continue with what you were doing. Even if you have seen the credits for that slot, you continue -- and do not fight any bosses or lose anything. (It is not like Epic Mickey, where you see the credits, then are back in the Mad Doctor's Lab, without any money or sketches. You only have your pins and film reels.)

Epic Mickey 2 is different. There is one quest you do not get until after you see the credits. There are some things that you cannot do until you are in the "EPILOGUE" after the credits.
- - - -
SAVE: I save the game to an SD card, and copy the SERE folder, containing the "data.bin" file to my computer. Then, I can revert to a place in the game, before a certain glitch, or to try something new.

Next place I want to save, I go into the management file, into the SD tab, and erase what I had for EM2. Then, I go to the Wii tab, and copy the new save place to the SD card.
- - - -

It is true that if you "delete" what is on a game slot, you go back to absolutely nothing.
4 years ago#3
You cannot get all the challenges in one game slot.
The train tasks are mutually exclusive.
4 years ago#4
Thanks for your reply!

So now I am wondering if folks who have this game on other platforms are able to complete all the challenges? (the one's who have the "Continue game" and "New Game" option in their start up menu)

It seems weird (and incomplete) that they would make this game so that you cannot complete all the challenges in one save slot...that's why i thought it was a glitch.

I guess the completionist in me will have to be satisfied with 45/46 completed challenges ;)
4 years ago#5
Search the internet. Nobody has been able to do both Train scenarios.


See how many of these 935 competative gamers have even been able to complete the game, much less do the "Heads Up".
4 years ago#6
When FREE CELL came out with 30,000 numbered games, I kept track of those I had done. Eventually, I found one I could not do, and went on the internet, only to find that it could not be done. This, I believe is to discourage liars who say they did it all.

Maybe that is why there is no way to do ALL the challenges -- so people who cannot play the game, do not lie.
- - - -

In one "new game" slot, try being Mr. Destructo!
There are glitches to that path, too, but it is interesting.
- - -
Or, save your perfect game, and ruin all that you did -- the windmill, the paint machine can be reset by Oswald and you can fill it with thinner, and even try thinning the funnel above the jug band!
4 years ago#7

You can get all the pins in one game slot. Most of them, after I got one path to a quest, the pin to the other path appeared at the Pin Trader, in a store, or from a pirate in the gulch.

One time it was fairly easy for me to get the Ventureland Pin under the crowsnest. I beat my head against a brick wall, then went into Tiki Sam's for no reason, and, when I came out, there it was.

But, they are all possible.
4 years ago#8
I was able to find out that the same thing goes for PS3 users EXCEPT, they have a different part of the PS3 for trophies that allow them to "complete" all the challenges.
Here is the quote from One Evil Cow:
"We only have the "New Game" option so PS3 users also only have one save that is erased if starting a new game. So everything is erased with each playthough (this includes the challenge list), BUT the trophies (which are the challenges) remain unlocked as they are stored on a different part of the playstation. So once you start a new game if you go to the challenges list, it will start over, but if we look at our trophy list (which is not stored on the game but on the system), any trophy we have unlocked remains unlocked.

I hope that makes sense. "

His walkthrough/roadmap is also super helpful:
4 years ago#9
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