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Is there a switch or something for the courtyard door? (Early Game Help)

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4 years ago#1
I am in the castle courtyard where the last enemy is in a machine guarding a door. I defeat with paint and I rush to the door where Gus is located, he disappears and nothing more happens. I walk away from the door to see Gus return but when I get close again he vanishes once more and still nothing happens.

Is there a switch that either one or both of them need to hit to open the door? I'm not seeing any nor any outlines of ones that need to be painted. I read the guide but mentions nothing of switches, buttons or anything to open the door.

What am I missing?
4 years ago#2
Gremlin Gus is just there to indicate which way to go, so it is normal for him to disappear.
The door should open automatically, when you get near it.
But, you may have run into one of the game's many glitches.

(For me, I avoid the walkway to the door, until I have collected enough goodies, because once I get too close, I am stuck in the next area, automatically.)

(That's why I advise people to save their games, often, so they will have a way to revert. For my Nintendo Wii, I transfer to an SD card and my computer.)

Right now, I suggest you jump on the Beetleworx Robot/s red button on top, and try to thin out the spatter inside -- which may change the game, and get you out of the poor programming glitch.

Or, turn on Oswald (a separate controller) and have Oswald do some zapping of the robot.
Then, go to the door, some more.

Meanwhile, paint or spin some things.
(Did you thin or befriend all the spatters on the other side? I don't know if it matters, once you have made it to the second half of the courtyard.)
- - - -
4 years ago#3
I would prefer to do a Painted route first but even thinning out the enemies did nothing. I had to start a new game (doing the same Painted path) and it opened. I'll take your advice and back up the save every time it auto saves which is very annoying but it's better than running in to something similar and be forced to start a new game again. Thanks for the reply and tip on the save.
4 years ago#4
There are only a few Boss and major battles that will change your path and the ending of the game.
For those times when you will be penalized for thinning out a spatter, you are warned ahead of time, by a character.
You are warned about thinning out a machine -- but try not to use thinner on major machines.

Later, during the game, you will find that you have a Challenge in your pause menu, to thin AND to paint a certain number of enemies.
(You cannot complete all the challenges, and should repair rather than destroy something.)

Later, you'll find that those in charge of making the game (Warren Spector), and in charge of writing the Prima Guide, and the first drafts of the online IGN guide did not play or watch the game being played !!!
The man in charge of Quality Control (Irvin Chavira) did not play or watch the game being played for even 5 minutes. They made comments during interviews that YOU know cannot be true -- like you can get through the game without even touching the paint or the thinner. You know you could not get out of Mickey's house without thinner, or through the observatory without both paint and thinner. But, because of these cheaters, the game stinks, and Junction Point is shut down.

So, all you can do is try to find happiness in an imperfect game.
4 years ago#5
So, LinkZelda, have you heard anything about when the next Zelda game is coming out? Those are quality games, with great gadgets and interesting Bosses.

Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess were great, but I downloaded the early Ocarina and others through the Wii Shopping Channel.

So, have you heard about when the next one is?
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  3. Is there a switch or something for the courtyard door? (Early Game Help)

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