Okay How do i get past the thinner in Autotopia?

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4 years ago#1
I accidently took a Thinner path on this area which is the second time I've done this by mistake the first pissing off Ian at Fort Ventureland.

Those Beetleworx car bots are pissing me off like crazy, is there no way to kill them? well 2 sides of this area is blocked by Thinner and i don't know how to explore into the other areas of Autotopia. I found some strange pump where i half to hold a button and Oswald has to use that shock ability but that didn't clear the thinner away.

I'm so stuck

And while I'm at it, on the Thanks for the Memories Quest i sent Rigger or Moody to Disney Gulch and i went back to Disney Gulch neither one was there.
4 years ago#2
I don't quite understand how far you are.
Liberally use your clock, TV, and anvil sketches.
Drop an anvil on the car guys while he is watching TV.
Befriend the floating blottling guy, and he will help you.

First time through, for each of the three towers, you can use either the thinner route that is dragging car engines onto the steam blowers; or you can take the paint option of standing on the pressure plates near the tower, that are surrounded with white, and have Oswald shock the power thing that it opens.
The pressure plate alternative is best, but Oswald takes a long time to get into position, and the thinner can hit you and knock you off.
- - -
An extra place for health is to thin trees and spin the fruit that falls.
Plus, bushes and gas cans have health.
- - - -
After you disable the first tower, that has one pressure plate, a way opens into the causeway to the next ones, that have two and three!!!

Between each set of thinner falls, there are either gears to spin to stop the nest thinner, or alleys on the side for you to go down and manipulate gears or pulling levers.
Keep track of which way you are going -- which side the alley was on.
4 years ago#3
I lost the pirates, too, after I saw them at Rainbow Falls, but I was taking photos for both of them. Then there is Fort Wasteland, the Floatyard, and Autotopia.
I suggest that the next time you play, only do what Moody wants, and he stays in his house, but you should only have a statue of Oswald outside, and only collect Hidden Oswalds for Seth by the Main Street Train Station.
- - - -
You do not have to fight all the cars, because they just come back.
You can run faster than they can, and you can drop a clock or TV to distract them.
- - -
After you have them watching TV, jump on their front grill to reveal their red button. Then run away, because when you disturb monsters when they are watching TV, they become violent.

Then the cars are like the bulky robots.

When Oswald shocks them, you can see the purple spatter inside his head. Paint or thin him.
I drop a TV, and the spatter comes out to watch, and I paint him.

If they are befriended with paint, they do not respawn.
- - - - -
When inside a side alley, you have to watch the tanks to see if they have changed. Sometimes you have to hold the button out for awhile or spin. On the roadway and in the Floatyard, keep the camera turned so you can see if ADD Oswald is actually spinning the handle or touching it.
Are you sure you are not in the garage area slot machine? I don't remember a power box for the thinner curtains. Look for an alley that is off the roadway.
4 years ago#4
Thanks it just sucks that they had to Make these Choice Routes so confusing on the Quests on this game compared to EM1.
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  3. Okay How do i get past the thinner in Autotopia?

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