Which gold pack?

#1SkrillaManPosted 10/5/2012 1:04:14 AM
Which gold pack is better to buy? Is it worth buying the premium one or just stick with the normal gold?
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#2cheese_game619Posted 10/5/2012 1:46:11 AM
it tells you the difference right there on the page before you buy
#3kangbangPosted 10/5/2012 3:23:49 AM
^ He's asking if it's worth paying more for the premium with three rares. You didn't answer his question.

Now I'm no expert when it comes to FUT but one of my friends that plays it quite a bit always goes with the more expensive pack. He's gotten more quality players out of that but it's still a crapshoot.
#4mccalledinPosted 10/5/2012 4:40:32 AM
Normal gold packs are rubbish.
#5Redick_is_MagicPosted 10/5/2012 6:16:50 AM
with normal gold packs...9/10 times the rare will be a contract card
#6azulmono55Posted 10/5/2012 7:01:56 AM
I don't know about golds, but I've bought a about 3 premium bronze packs and 4 or 5 regulars, and I've received 1 rare player out of all of them. Maybe it's just my luck, but the balance seems messed up.
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#7SkrillaMan(Topic Creator)Posted 10/5/2012 10:46:20 AM
Yeah I think it's crap that you get rare contract cards they should be either more players that are rare
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