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4 years ago#51
gSephiroth93 posted...
missed the goal. did RVP celebrate? Dying to know

He tried not to, but he got mobbed by his teammates who were celebrating.
4 years ago#52
Should beat yellow for Carrick.
4 years ago#53
Steward laughing at Wilshere falling over. hahahaha
4 years ago#54
Good header Giroud
4 years ago#55
If Arsenal can hold onto this scoreline they'll grow in confidence as the game goes on. I reckon things could get really shaky in the last 10-15 minutes at 1-0, and United has the players to bottle it. But I can't imagine United being as wasteful in the final third as they have been for the entire match.
4 years ago#56
5 shots, wow.
Missed a penalty? Doesn't Mata http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4aq52IY5Q1r0qoseo1_250.gif
4 years ago#57
I've seen better passing at the local park.
4 years ago#58
lol handbal
4 years ago#59

you do know you're supposed to stop the ball with your feet
4 years ago#60
nice and clean rooney
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