how do i perform a wall pass in FIFA?

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4 years ago#1
i'm new to FIFA, so any offensive tips are appreciated

i've got jockeying & defense pretty well covered.


4 years ago#2
Your players need to have a decent attacking position rating to actually perform it.

So when i had a serie B team i asked this same question. When i started using clubs that were better, if you pass to them the player that just passed it will continue a run getting to space for you to pass to him
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4 years ago#3
What the **** is a wall pass?
4 years ago#4
Mr__Majestic posted...
What the **** is a wall pass?

A "one-two pass" or as its called in the game "give and go"
Its when a player passes the ball then the receiving player quickly passes the ball back after the passer makes a run past an opposing player.

Idk if the term the TC used is the proper one in english or if maybe its called something else in other parts of the world but TC might have just translated the term from spanish since in spanish its called that or wall to wall.

Its referred to that way because its as if you kicked the ball to the wall to get around a player like in street soccer.
4 years ago#5
In America you say give and go, one-two, or wall pass. It's all the same thing
4 years ago#6
Honestly never heard of any of those terms (Bar one-two) and I've been watching the game since about 95...
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4 years ago#7
Wall pass? What a ****ing stupid name.
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4 years ago#8
One-two is the ONLY term that should be used.
4 years ago#9
Out of the three I've named give and go is probably the one I've heard most. But then again all three are used quite frequently.
4 years ago#10
Give and go sounds quite sexual to me tbh.
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