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It brings a smile to my face every time Chelski get dealt with. Juventus will get something from the next game, RDM will get sacked, everyone will be panicking, Terry will bang Mikel's girlfriend to prove he's not racist, and they'll be on Channel 5 next year. Abramovich will then pull out of the club and run a F1 team. Chelsea will go back to being a cup side for another 50yrs or so

1 team in London


1 team in London with a CL trophy

And it's not Arsenal FivC

If we do crash out of the CL it means that we probably can not get Facao, which is a good thing.

Falcao and can that be a good thing? I think almost every club would have him if they could

Because he would cost another 50 million and nobody can live up to that price. Also, FFP.
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Our's was a cracking game.

Powell is a class act. What a young player we have on our hands. Think he'll be starting regularly next season. Very well rounded and polished for his age. And dat technique.

Jones was sex in his first game back. Hopefully put the second half of last season behind him and is ready to kick on.

Would have liked a win but a loss and the atmosphere of Hell are a good experience for the young 'uns.

Also, Galatasaray = diving, cheating, moaning, Turk c***s.
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Well it could be worse. If Chelsea didn't win that game 2 weeks ago this would be a disaster. That win, the goal against Shakhtar and Coles goal line clearance today could all prove to be important. As long as Juventus don't win anything is possible but only if Chelsea win by big.

So its not over yet. But if they did get knocked out it wouldn't be so bad. They could focus on the league since for now it seems like they have a shot at winning it all. Also will force Chelsea to fix the current issues. Striker is needed. Doesn't matter who as long as they can score.

One last thing is RDM was clever to change up the formation a little but I think taking out the striker was a mistake. At least try a 433 or 442 to change it up since they're becoming a bit predictable.
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is there a standing record for winning the Champions league and europa league consecutively?

Speaking of which, If we do play in the Europa League, I really hope RDM just starts Cesar, Moses, Bertrand, Marin, Sturridge and Turnbull in every game. But I know that will never happen
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Mafewww posted...
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Chelsea will beat Juve. Oscar will score a tap in. People will overreact

Spartak and Barca will draw, everyone will overreact

United will field a sub par team and lose. Everyone will overreact

Shaktar will win by at least 5 goals; Noone will care.

Giroud will score a brace against Montpelliere. He will have a standing ovation from the entire stadium as he is subbed off for Arshavin or Santos

City will beat Madrid in the last minute. Everyone will overreact

So far, so good for Sephi.

I hope Yiddo made that bet.

at least my third bet was on point
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gSephiroth93 posted...
at least my third bet was on point

Except no one even mentioned it, let alone overreact.
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Nice to see Ox get the start today.
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Manchester City v Real Madrid, El Cashico!
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Have to say; Dzeko, Ronaldo and Ramos really make me feel self conscious about my hair
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saiyenlegend902 posted...
Manchester City v Real Madrid, El Cashico!

you are just awful. Barca spend a ridiculous amount of money on players too.