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4 years ago#61
o lol.

Just noticed Chelski playing without a striker.
4 years ago#62
Looks like a 5-2-3 to me. 3 centre backs on the pitch?
4 years ago#63
Thought Snoop Dogg was tripping when he said he rated Samaras.
4 years ago#64
4 years ago#65
Shaktar game sounds mad.
Nords had the ball, man down, ref stops play, gives ball to Shaktar so they can return it to Nords.
Ball gets played long on a Shaktar player chases onto it and scores the equaliser whilst all the Nords players are standing around.
Mad. Dunno if their player knew what was happenings or just has no idea of fair play.

It's 2-1 to Nords now though, dunno if Shaktar 'allowed' it though, due to their screw up, or if it were legit.
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4 years ago#66
Wait, I just noticed.

Why does Hooper wear a number 88 shirt.
4 years ago#67
Super run from Ramires
4 years ago#68
Good save from Buffon
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4 years ago#69
We need to be more clinical.. Though to be fair they aren't strikers.
4 years ago#70
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