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4 years ago#1
If my team chemistry is at 100 but some of the players are not at 9 chemistry, will everyone play at their highest level? Or is there some kind of negative effect for not having top chemistry?
Little high like noon on the moon
4 years ago#2
As far as I can tell, it dosen't matter in the slightest.
4 years ago#3
There are people on FUthead that are saying that the ingame stats are tied to their chemistry. Like IF Milito has less than 99 finishing when not a chemistry. Im unsure if this is a PS3 thing as that was mentioned a little bit as well. And i do not know how to even view stats in game
Little high like noon on the moon
4 years ago#4
Just toggle your left stick to view stats. I am pretty sure that the game is the same across all platforms so what you have read could be right. Maybe some vets on this board can answer you further as I honestly cannot see a difference.
4 years ago#5
What do you mean toggle? Like how you press left or right on the stick to see their 6FUT stats, their country and club, and stamina morale?

Or is there someway to view all of the stats like short passing, marking, and Attack Positioning?
Little high like noon on the moon
4 years ago#6
Yeah, apart from the stats that we mentioned, you can also click on a player and then click "bio" to see detailed stuff.

Also, this is directly from an EA FUT help page.

"Chemistry is directly connected to player on pitch performance. A player with higher chemistry will perform better, regardless of their stats. Team chemistry is also important, as a highly rated team with bad chemistry will find it tough to play against lesser teams who’ve focused on building chemistry."
4 years ago#7
hmm that quote makes me think that Team chemistry affects everyone but individual chemistry also has influence.
Little high like noon on the moon
4 years ago#8
You were right to ask in the first place as I was wrong. How much of an impact a couple of 7chem players in my team actually had seemed negligible to me. Seems you did me a favour!
4 years ago#9
I figured out what they meant by in game stats. Sorry i didnt think it through,

If you pause while playing and look at your squad and then look at individual stats you get the real deal there.

Cavani is listed as having 90 finishing, when i checked him in game he had 95. Im not sure what chem he had i think it was 9.
Little high like noon on the moon
4 years ago#10
Now my problem is this. I cant get Suarez up to 9 chem. I even have a Uruguay Manager


He is shown as such here but not in game.
Little high like noon on the moon
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