Karim Benzema playing FIFA 13 vs a Youtube fan!

#1AmazingDanyPosted 12/9/2012 12:16:02 PM(edited)
Very interesting video:


All conversations in French.


Hey everybody, I'm Diablox9. I'm at the Bernabeu and as promised, I'm gonna meet Karim Benzema for a few questions and a cool game against him.

1st question asked:

- Karim, in F13, developers include players actual gestuals in the game. Do players sometimes say:"Hey, I saw that in the game, maybe I should do it on the pitch.?"
- Nah, it's the reverse.

2nd question asked:

- In your days, do you have time to game?
- When I was younger, around 20-24, I played a lot. Now it's moderate. I spend most of my time resting. But if my little brother pumps me, I can go for five matches.
- He's good your bro?
- Yeah, it's hard playing against him.

What do you think of his gaming skills?