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Right, just a quick warning. If anyone is ever interested in watching Misfits, stop after the second series.

Just pretend they all live happily ever after with cool new powers and all that.

Third season is good for a few episodes, but it's really going to die out soon. Lemme know how it gets if you keep watching

Third series was good, bar the whole time paradox love story ending that's actually adorable and romantic but annoying as I loved the blue-eyed Welsh bastard and Alisha's unbelievably fit.

I'm not going to watch the 4th series, show's dead to me now. Of the original core cast, they've offed the great ones and kept Curtis, unarguably the dullest of the bunch. Though I heard Rudy is incredible in the 4th series, which I don't doubt cos Joe Gilgun is amazing, but it's not the same show anymore.

To be honest, the programme started a steady decline since Nathan left as he was without a doubt the star of the show. In fact, Nathan and Simon were the only really well-written characters. Then Alisha and Kelly really grew into their roles but Curtis stayed pointless.