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4 years ago#1

Here's the post from a forum:

"Unfortunately this is a very sad but very true account of a dinner I attended last night with Paul. It was a fundraising event for Northampton Town and a breast cancer charity and friends of mine had a table. I decided to drive down from Aberdeen yesterday and tie it in with the weekend in Newcastle I have planned for the game on Saturday. After what I saw last night, I really wish I hadn't.
There was about 500 in attendance at the dinner and worryingly, minutes after everyone took our seats the compare for the evening introduced himself and announced the plan for the evening, dinner, raffle, auction, Gazza speaking followed by a Q&A and then the comedian.
We began eating and between the starter and main the compare took to the stage again and told us that unfortunately Gazza was very ill. He had taken a funny turn which isn't uncommon due to the medication he takes and he should really be in hospital, not speaking at a dinner but he has insisted on appearing as its a charity event and be will go to hospital immediately afterwards. He asked us all to be understanding towards Gazza and be patient when he appears.
Following the main course it was announced that Gazza was extremely ill so he would be coming out now and speaking so be could get to hospital as soon as her finished and we would get desert once he'd finished.
Gazza's agent then took to the stage and told us Gazza had had 2 pints earlier and taken a funny turn so he would answer a few questions then go straight to hospital. He reiterated Gazza had only had 2 pints and what we were about was not what it looked like so please be patient and remember Gazza for the good times he gave us, not for how he looks today. (It was like a funeral speech to be honest before he'd even come out)
Gazza was then aided onto stage by 2 bouncers. When I say aided, there was no way at all he could walk unaided. He was sat on a sofa on the stage and given a microphone. His agent asked him who the best player he's ever played with was and Gazza said 'Brian Robson. But he's a c***. They're all c***s. You're all c***s.'
His agent apologized to everyone and then Gazza apologized as well. He said as be started crying 'I'm sorry, 3 days on the whiskey, I'm sorry.'
He was shaking uncontrollably for the 5 minutes he was on the stage. It was like a very serious case of Parkinson's. He broke down 3 times in the 5 minutes or so he was on stage apologizing and saying this time he'll get better. Between apologies he struggled to answer questions and just told us that other people were c***s.
It was horrible seeing my hero who I drove for 7 hours yesterday to see in that condition. There was a lump in everyone's throat when he left the stage. The room really did have the atmosphere of a funeral and the consensus was certainly that he does not have long left."
4 years ago#2
That last line is chilling.

Extremely sad that things got this way.
4 years ago#3
It's one thing about life that probably hurts the most. You see someone so amazing, someone so strong and full of life and years later that strong person you remember and love has aged and tired.

Life is brutal..
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4 years ago#4
Its more than aged and tired. He has to share some of the blame for the way it's gone.
4 years ago#5
A_Long_December posted...
Its more than aged and tired. He has to share some of the blame for the way it's gone.

I know that. I'm just saying the idea in general is just a brutal, sad one.
9 European Cups~Real Madrid~32 La Liga titles
4 years ago#6
Thought this was going to be a topic about sephi.
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