tryin to make coins! need tips

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3 years ago#11
Beer is the answer... but I can't remember the question.
XboxLive - TheDrunkITGuy
3 years ago#12
This board is terrible
3 years ago#13
im going to bump this topic ahead of your other one because i think we are closer to a solution here
3 years ago#14
I'll give you my tip.

But just the tip.
~ Vincere non e importante, e l'unica cosa che conta ~
XboxLIVE Gamertag: Mafewww
3 years ago#15
why cause you like men? i would break you sunshine
PSN: Fitzy2125
Playing: Far Cry 3, DmC, Borderlands 2, NHL 13
3 years ago#16
"I would break you"lol

You're soft kid. Threatening people on a forum cuz you're mad they made you feel stupid.

You already got an answer clown.
3 years ago#17
You're going to break him? You gonna break him off a piece of a kit kat bar? If you do that, make sure it's just the tip though. Also, the Call of Duty board is just a few clicks away. Travel well young keyboard warrior. Use what you have learned here, that will be your guide to breaking other keyboard warriors.
Defy Doubt
3 years ago#18
how did you go from hating on people that were trolling to trolling hard so quick
3 years ago#19
I've adapted to the lifestyle here. I feel like I've finally become one with this board.
Defy Doubt
3 years ago#20
Keep playing online seasons over and over. In Division 1, you get 6.2k per season every time you hold the division.
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