This game is great!

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User Info: W4tch

4 years ago#1
I encourage anyone looking for a good puzzle game to give this one a try. It's really addicting! The concept seems simple and plain, but it's quite engaging and not that simple once you play it. Great job Shin'en! I reviewed it on the eShop with 5★; hopefully it attracts some curious fellows. Keep up the good job, and please don't stop supporting the 3DS even after the WiiU comes out :(
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User Info: im_your_momma

4 years ago#2
I agree the game is really great. Although it has some flaws. First, is the lack of a level creator that would have added a lot of replay value. Also I wish there was more incentive to replay individual levels(scoring system, goals to achieve, etc).
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  3. This game is great!

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