Any way to run this in windowed mode?

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User Info: Dekar the Great

Dekar the Great
5 years ago#1
See topic title.
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User Info: Kaitengiri

5 years ago#2
There is a way. I just happened to have forgotten it. It involves running the game from the Mac file with a flash plugin or something. The Mac has like a .swf file you just put in that window.
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User Info: t_tocs

5 years ago#3
There isn't a built in way, I know that much. You can use q and w to mess with the ratio to get it smaller to read things better but it won't help if you want other programs running on top of it.

User Info: CommunismFTW

5 years ago#4
Use Q and W until its way zoomed out and pan and scan. The default "full screen" is so obnoxious, you can count the pixels and the font boxes take up 90% of the screen.
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User Info: pinkshredder

5 years ago#5
try alt-enter maybe?
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User Info: Thought_Witness

5 years ago#6
There is, see this post on the steam forums.
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  3. Any way to run this in windowed mode?

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