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High score on the xbox leaderboards? (Archived)Vesperas11/4 2:07AM
Fantastic Game (Archived)MrDummy312/18 2:11AM
Can someone be a doll and tell me the top 3 or 10 people on Xbox (Archived)Vesperas112/17 1:15AM
This game is on offer. Do you recommend it? (Archived)PILLE_HENRY310/12 4:46AM
Time Limit in Gigolo Missions? (Archived)silhouetemirage15/26/2014
Unlimited Blood costume? How do I equip it? (Archived)Hanenian23/21/2014
Who is currently at the top of the 360 leaderboards and what's their score? (Archived)reo612/22/2014
just bought the collectors edition (Archived)pro09921/29/2014
The gift prices keep increasing? (Archived)bluPython21/26/2014
lost all save data (sad face) (Archived)green_abobo112/15/2013
19.99 at G-stop (Archived)old97fan83212/13/2013
Died. Selected restart at checkpoint, now it's sitting at loading screen. (Archived)RyanJMcD111/17/2013
mp3 rip of mondo saying "killer is dead" please? (Archived)moomoobiscuits111/14/2013
Last two missing AAA's. How to? (Archived)stefan251510/13/2013
Don't listen to the ignorant SJW feminist American reviewers, it's a great game (Archived)
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Does anyone else think killer 7 was the best suda 51 game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
Hows the game length and replay value? (Archived)HappyBull310/1/2013
so now every time something epic comes up "The Job..Killer is Dead" (Archived)Kuebel3349/30/2013
Least Favorite/Most Annoying Boss *Spoilers* (Archived)megamanxzxz69/30/2013
Replaying Episodes (Archived)patkelly92939/28/2013
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