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Does a tape have to be equipped to see the difference? (Archived)Rjmhart210/31 6:11AM
Good game but they run stupid (Archived)AzurexNightmare210/17 12:18PM
just got this for $1 (Archived)
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PC DD neon gets online co-op (Archived)kenshiki22/20/2014
I think the reviewers that bashed this game... (Archived)Rotcod_What112/21/2013
Anyone else have the game freeze up? (Archived)indie_animator310/25/2013
D-Pad or Analog (Archived)douglaslort610/9/2013
Do I have to play the whole game in one setting? (Archived)BlueFlameBat39/18/2013
Unable to use save data from gamefaqs. (Archived)senator8829/6/2013
Online co-op update from wayforward (Archived)silverstreakusa48/6/2013
Skullmageddon icon avatar off PSN (Archived)Velocirapteryx16/26/2013
This game seems pretty cool (Archived)chrono288846/26/2013
Glad I gave this game another chance. (Archived)SavenForever26/6/2013
Favorite Skullmageddon lines? (Archived)WilHiteWarrior95/31/2013
So if there's ever a Double Dragon Neon 2 (Archived)Kiai105/27/2013
i doubt online takes THIS F***IN LONG!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)
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Complete list of all the pop culture references? (Archived)
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I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a videogame (Archived)chuchumyrocket84/27/2013
Anyone have a link to the Lilly art? (Archived)Ether10154/14/2013
Was online ever promised in a future patch? (Archived)
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