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4 years ago#1
I know that the ATT leader gets a 5% on attack. Does the Order Leader receive any bonus?

4 years ago#2
Go to each Order leader and ask. There may not be an ATK bonus, but there are many other bonuses you may not know about. Unless one has been an Order Leader, one cannot know.

At the top of everyones page is their Order and if you click on that, it takes you to their Leader.

Order Leaders should be VERY strong in DEF since enemies get 1.5x bonus for beating them. Its a big responsibility. Making points on the front end means nothing if you are letting em run out the back door.

IN GAME RESPONSES/TRADE OFFERS Prefrd (or use GFqs Private Msg feature-upper corner of this page).
IGN: wasntxme
4 years ago#3
Actually if you have a strong enough defense leader your order leader doesn't need to be that strong.

Anybody out there an order leader? if so, do you get a bonus??

I've been an attack leader and I get the 5% on my fights...
4 years ago#4
Order leader gets nothing lol thats why I would prefer to be DEF or ATK leader..

any active players feel free to join HigHGradE... can make space only if active..

have both DEF 5% ATK/DEF Bonus unlocked for both Demons and Gods
4 years ago#5
that last bit didnt make sense - you know what I mean though.. 5% ATK AND DEF bonus
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