How does skill level work?

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4 years ago#1
Not got this worked out...
Does it increase the power of your skill?
Or increase the chance of it activating during battle ?
4 years ago#2
Yessssssss someone Answer this question.
4 years ago#3
Power each level equal 1%
4 years ago#4
It increases power, one percentage unit per LVL.

For example, I believe great boost to demons ATK has a base of 15% boost. If your card has skill LVL 5, you add 5 percentage units so it's a 20% boost.
4 years ago#5
Come again???
4 years ago#6
If have a card that gives me a boost to my attack, the amount of boost in get depends on its category (like small, medium, big, etc) and the card's cards skill level. I do not believe that it affects activation rate.
A small boost ups by 2.5%, medium by 5%, big by 10%, great by 12.5%, and massive by 15% (these are assuming boost to all attack). When you raise your skill level, it increases the base boost by 1%.
For example: if you have an Elaine with a skill level of 6, it would boost each card's attack by 16%. This is because it's effect is big boost to all (a 10% boost) and has a skill level of 6 (a 6% boost which is added on top of the base 10)
4 years ago#7
Ahh, nice one.... Thanks
4 years ago#8
Also note that there is a difference in a "boost to all" and a boost to just one realm. Each different type of boost/hit has its own percentage associated with it. As to not contradict @dragonagenda, I believe a great boost to ALL is a 12.5% and a great boost to just one realm is 15%
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