TRADE LIST - 50+ Rare/HR ~ 15 HN Skilled ~ 8 Evolved Rare ~ 36 CW & More!

#1AnthonyC25Posted 5/12/2012 5:12:16 AM
I have tons to trade! In-game name is AnthonyC25

- Agni (R)
- Rhea x2 (R)
- Vayu++ x2 (R)
- Daphne (R)
- High Pixie x3 (R)
- Yinglong (R)
- Angelic Knight (R)
- Angelic Knight++ x2 (R)
- Angel Queen x2 (R)
- Verdandi (HR)
- Angel Bunny+ (HR)
- Phoenix x2 (R)
- [Holy Light] Archangel (R)
- [Arbor Millennius] Meliae (R)

- High Witch x3 (R)
- High Shaman x4 (R)
- Buccaneer x2 (R)
- Princess (R)
- [Lepo Paladin] Rabbitteer Knight (SR)
- [Mystic Shooter] Lady Gunner (R)
- [Castle Sentry] Camelot Guard (R)
- [Thunderstrike] Samurai (R)

- Elder Vampire (R)
- Elder Vampire++ (R)
- Skeleton Knight+ (R)
- Goblin Fighter x2 (R)
- [Battle Imp] Goblin Fighter (HR)
- Succubus (R)
- Guivre (R)
- Garmr++ x2 (R)
- [Helldog] Garmr (HR)
- Devil Queen x2 (R)
- Vampire Lord (HR)
- Ghost Rider x3 (HR) <1 is MAXED>
- Bunny Lilith Limil x2 (HR) <1 is MAXED>
- Bunny Lilith Limil+ (HR)
- Lilith Liz (SR) <Lv. 50>
- [Demon Dog] Hellhound (R) <Lv. 20>
- [Fascination] Empusa (R)
- [Lifesucker] Vampire (R)

- Fairy x2
- Hellhound x3
- Hobgoblin
- Elf+
- Gnome
- Shaman++
- Skeleton Fighter
- Samurai x2
- Witch x2
- Vampire

- Cure Water x36
- Healing Powder x5
- 700,000R

- I'm looking to upgrade, and will trade accordingly.
- HR and up is preferred, but I will consider all REALISTIC offers.

Thanks for looking! :)
#2SonicRider13Posted 5/12/2012 5:29:45 AM
I want princess

name is RWheeler11
Rage of Bahamut ref code iph29901
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#3birdfecesPosted 5/12/2012 6:23:04 AM
Hey, here is my list of cards, let me know if there's anything you'd want and send me an offer. im looking for Man cards, my ingame name is birdfeces
#4davex89Posted 5/12/2012 9:41:16 AM
I am interested in those bunny lilith limil cards (first form only)
Here is my trading list for the moment.

If you're interested in rupees or HP/CW for the limil's then I have those but send me a msg first b/c they aren't on the account listed in the post.
#5ShadowmurasamaPosted 5/13/2012 2:07:41 PM
Interested in liz. Drop me a pm so we can do biz