Trading Rares/HRs/SRs. Looking for Tristans/Yuki's/HR's/HP/DQ

#1Hooblies1Posted 5/28/2012 1:42:38 AM
I am not interested in any event or treasure HR's(Bunnies, Alb, Sigmund ect ect).

My HR's and SR's are for trade only for Tristan's or Yuki's.

I currently have too many rares to list them all please come have a look in my inventory.

Please send offers, leave a message, or send me a support in game.

IGN: Hooblies

3x Yuki's
4x Tristans
Demon Queens

[Hope] Princess Angel (Maxxed) x2
[Insane Rage] Berserker (Full Evo Maxxed) 1783 ATK, 4 Skill
Tiatmat (Maxxed)
Witchcrafter (Maxxed) x3
Ark Dragon
Mythril Golem
Master Witch x2
Lovely Elf
Master Gunner

Rare Conversion Rates:
My 6x Rares your 1x HR
My 2x Rares your 1x Demon Queen
My 1x Rare your 3x HP
My 1x Rare your 5x CW

Looking forward to trading with you :)
#2easycompany68Posted 5/28/2012 2:03:01 AM
before i bother you with trade offers...are you accepting deals that include your HR for my HP's / cw's

...if so, what is a starting number..i really don't think we want to go back and forth...i'm sure you'll be getting plenty of offers.

feel freel to mesage me ingame if there is a possibility of trading for HP/cw.

i mainly want master gunner.

Sniper6868 (search sniper6)
#3rizzenx562Posted 5/28/2012 2:05:10 AM
Currently have my Tristan for auction, best offer is a Fafner and Brunhylde, top it if u want it
Ign Rizzenx
#4Hooblies1(Topic Creator)Posted 5/28/2012 2:22:08 AM
No thanks rizzen your already ahead on the deal with fafner plus a brunhild. Anything more would be a rip off.
#5rizzenx562Posted 5/28/2012 2:31:43 AM
Its a fafner and nightmare now and if people want to pay more I wont stop them lol would you?
Ign Rizzenx
#6Hooblies1(Topic Creator)Posted 5/28/2012 2:46:08 AM
Not at all which is why I declined to offer more.
#7dharklessPosted 5/28/2012 6:09:50 AM
I'm interested in the ark dragon, tiamat, and mithril golem, I doubt I have enough for all. I have a couple albrech, 1 hild left, sigmund, and a small collection of other rares. Please take a look. IGN dharkless and see if we can figure anything out. Thanks for your time.
#8Hooblies1(Topic Creator)Posted 5/28/2012 11:00:55 AM
#9Hooblies1(Topic Creator)Posted 5/28/2012 11:39:46 AM
#10Hooblies1(Topic Creator)Posted 5/28/2012 12:52:09 PM
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