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4 years ago#1
I am trying to set up my deck so that my best cards are the ones that are being activated in a battle. From what I have read from earlier posts, one position in the deck was suppose to activate 100% of the time. Another spot activates 70% of the time. Another 40% of the time. Another 10% of the time. And the last never activates. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me please? And could you also help me to understand which order I should arrange my cards so that my best cards have the best chance of activating?

Thanks to whoever takes the time to straighten me out here!
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4 years ago#2
The order in which you select cards for your deck matters. You are right in that the first card has a 100% chance of activating and that the percentage of activation decreases monotonically the further down in the order you go.

However, the probabilities of activation are NOT unconditional. A maximum of three cards can activate in any particular battle. Therefore, if cards 1, 2, and 3 activate, cards 4 and 5 have a 0% chance of activating. In addition, card 5 does not have a 0% chance of activating given that there have been 2 or fewer activated effects in cards 1-4. Hope this helps!
4 years ago#3
It was more than likely my post that you rmentioned as I'm the only one who has ever said such a thing on this board thus far. However I'm pretty sure I mentioned which cards activated and such also but will retype anyways.

Your middle card has 100% chance of activaing and is always the first card you select for that deck(generally your leader also). The second card selected is directly left of your leader with 70% activation. The third card directly selected is directly right of your leader with 40% activation. The fourth is far left with 10% activation. And the,last card is far right with no chance of activation. Keep in mind that if your leader card isn't the first card you selected the order will look screwed up, as well as defensive skills never activating when attacking for obvious reasons.
R.o.B. Name silverfyre08
4 years ago#4
For the other guy who posted, I've NEVER seen my 5th card activate ever even though I've tried making the chances as high as possible so I just assumed its zero. If it has activated for you before then you are probably just lucky. Plus who relies on the 5th slot for activation anyways lol.
R.o.B. Name silverfyre08
4 years ago#5
I had my 5th activate twice today. Pissed me off too. I don't want my Elder Dragon's effect activating. Much rather have Inugami.... I'm pretty sure that your view of unconditional probabilities is incorrect, and the game deals with activation on a conditional basis, with a maximum of 3 cards activating at once and probabilities decreasing with increasing order.
4 years ago#6
Awesome. Thanks for the info. But now I have 2 or 3 more questions based on what you told me.

1. You said that the first (middle) card placed in my deck has 100% chance of activating. In battles, I'm never seeing my middle card move forward and activating. Does that matter? Or is it just understood that the middle card activates and you don't need a demonstration of it activating?

2. I'm not sure if I totally understood the last part of what you said, about if your leader card isn't the first card selected for your deck, then the order might be screwed up. I know my current leader card isn't my first or middle card in my deck, but it is in my deck. And although I don't ever see my middle card activating in battles, I think that I always see my leader card activate, no matter where it happens to be placed in the deck. Maybe that goes along with what you were talking about when you said your deck may be screwed up if your leader card isn't your first/middle card and why my middle card never activates.

3. So if I'm understanding you correctly, which there is a very good chance that I'm not, if I want my deck to activate in the most common order possible, then I need to have my leader card be my first card selected for my deck?

Thanks again for the info everyone. I feel like I'm just on the cusp of understanding and being able to not embarrass myself in least quite as often as I have in the past :)
Rage of Bahamut in game name: Roenic. Search for roeni I'm the first one.
4 years ago#7
Nouser, I know my probabilities are most likely incorrect, but their chance act activation has been around that many times for me so far so puting those cards there guarantees a higher success rate is all I'm mainly trying to say. Plus you are right only 3 skills can activate, I forgot to include that in my post while I was typing. Thanks for covering that.

Now for tc,

1) Check to make sure it had a skill that can actually activate when you are doing whatever it is you are doing(attack/defend) because def increase will NEVER activate while attacking. Heck make sure it even has a skill.

2) When you make your deck, if your leader isn't the first card you selected as the first card, it screws up the order because while you may have chosen the order, after you are out of deck edit it will still show your leader in the middle(even though you didn't select it as your first card). Yes you are probably right about it interfering with Q1.

3) Its safer to make your leader your main ability card imo because then you won't have to worry about said problems above as much, at least until you have better understanding of deck building.

If you are still having problems, just delete your deck and remake it again so you actually know which card you selected in order.
R.o.B. Name silverfyre08
4 years ago#8
Alright. Thanks for your time guys.
Rage of Bahamut in game name: Roenic. Search for roeni I'm the first one.
4 years ago#9
Thanks again! Your info worked great. My problem with my first card was because I had a Dancing Princess card as my first card. Duh. Totally didn't get that defensive card wouldn't activate when I was attacking. Makes sense now. Anyway...thanks a lot!
Rage of Bahamut in game name: Roenic. Search for roeni I'm the first one.
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