NEW Trade Forum and Game forum Available

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4 years ago#1
NEW Trade Forum and Game forum Available

Join today FREE

Post your questions and ideas and trades

Pass this on to everyone and lets start a community.

1. Trades are organized
2, Game discussion are organized
3. Auction your items
4. Order recruitment
5. Help others
4 years ago#2
dont like it, this is much easier
4 years ago#3
Get more people to join. There will be lots of trades and discussion.
4 years ago#4
Too late son:
Already someone who had the same idea
4 years ago#5
rob forum has a problem. it is always up and down.
4 years ago#6
Spread the word. Trying create a forum to host 10K+ community members. Then there will be crazy discussion and trading.
4 years ago#7
4 years ago#8
Come to the market today
4 years ago#9
Game information and trades are waiting for you. Register free and start posting trades in the forum
4 years ago#10
CyGames has just issued another warning to all sites and users (see your Home Screen, in game)


Engaging in fraudulent behaviour, including but not limited to, establishing exchanges that exploit other players to acquire virtual items and currency.

If it is confirmed that the above has taken place his or her account may be suspended without warning.


CyGames is getting the message that we dont want the cheaters ruining our game !!!!! Keep emailing tech support with any perceived fraudulent behaviour.

IN GAME RESPONSES/TRADE OFFERS Prefrd (or use GFqs Private Message feature-upper right corner of this page).
IGN: wasntxme - Ninja Royale referral code: SZYA
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