do alot of people do more then the standard 4 card evo?

#1toast001Posted 5/30/2012 4:12:04 PM
I can see how a 8-6 or a 6-2 evo or better has its advantages, but how often do you find people that do it? Is it only for the top players or people that sink alot of money into it? Its hard enough to get 4 hr let alone 6 or 8.
#2mlk960Posted 5/30/2012 4:45:49 PM
If you want to get the most bang for your buck, do a 4 to 2 evolve. Enhance both the ++ and the + before you combine them.

Most people typically do more than the basic 4 card evolve. It's a bit of a waste, especially with rares, if you do the 4 card evolution process.
#3TheRabidOnePosted 5/30/2012 4:49:44 PM
Basic 4-0 evo s like 86% efficacy vs the maximum

But consider that plans like 6-6 run up to ~99.5% efficacy of maximum

14% is damn huge a difference.

I do 6-4 for my rares as a standard (~98.7%)and 6-2's even for an HN here and there (since i'm dirt poor)

If i ever get rich enough to concentrate on HR's and up i'll be doing 6-6's for those
#4miasmic_fatePosted 5/30/2012 5:13:23 PM
6-6 is what most people who know what they are doing aim for, as the post above said it's 99.5% efficient.

To get the last 0.5% requires an 8-14, or over twice the enhancement and two more cards. Most people will pay a lot more for a 6-6 in trade etc. IF you can prove it . but I don't see people calling foul very often on the couple hundred points maybe if a card wasn't an 8-card max.