Evo help

#12hxc4uPosted 6/13/2012 11:04:18 PM
What's the best way to do it. Ie. 6-4 ect

Once we establish that how do I go about it. I've got the diagram from Rob forums but I don't understand which to max enhance.

Also if I chose to do any of those types what's the difference if I don't enhance before final form.

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#3jaeforgameschaePosted 6/13/2012 11:08:46 PM
Evo 2 then max en. + clean
Evo 2 then max en. + clean
Evo the 2
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Evo 2 then max en. + clean... Enhance
Evo 2 then max en. + clean...enhance
Evo the 2
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Normally I farm 2-2 and use the max evos in sets of tens. But does it matter what I use?
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Not too much. Higher lvl feeder card is, more points which means less rupies in long run. For final form, use hn with skills
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you can find all the information off of those two links.