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3 years ago#1
Went to log into my account and ended up in a random empty account that had beeb hacked... So I uninstalled the game and now it won't let me install it again....
3 years ago#2
I had something similar aswell, I ended up on some lowbie account, forgot the name already it started with 'cole' and had some numbers at the end.
I saw in the support history many people had said they somehow logged that account.
What is this sorcery?
RoB ign adnian
3 years ago#3
same thign happened to me. the account only had 1hp, level 17. there were no magic circles or personal hp or cw.

i closed the app, re entered and it was back on my normal account
3 years ago#4
Yup same happened with me. Same account cole...smtg. There were 4hp some magic circles and a high ninja left when i logged. I left them there but guess other people are not as good hearted as me...
IGN - BaiGergi
3 years ago#5
This happened to me too. It seems like a lot of people are being redirected to that account.
3 years ago#6
same for me
RoB IGN: gmquinto
3 years ago#7
I can't download the game again, get random error message. Any idea what I can do.
3 years ago#8
This just happened to me on marvel as well. Account was colesherrill1.

I just used the close option on menu though and re opened the game. No trouble playing now.
3 years ago#9
Same here. Log out and log back in
3 years ago#10
I was reading this and thinking HAHA what suckers for being hacked...and then i logged on...same thing happened to me. Cole guy got me. WHO ARE YOU MR. COLE!? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!?!? You can have our woman and children but leave us men alone!
maxtheflasher that's my In Game Name that name again is maxtheflasher
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