why is lucifer's base only 4790?

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3 years ago#1
zeus and lord arthur were over 5k at base which went upto to 30k (wiki is wrong by saying 26k).

these 3 cards are very unique so they cannot be multipled by 5.16 to get an estimate. with 4790 is it going to go up to 30k? with over 200 base points missing, got a feeling it would end up being a 27k-ish attack
3 years ago#2
Because cygames hates demons.

3 years ago#3
Base doesn't mean anything.. Just look at Witch Crafter , man deck.
Got nice base but end stats are crap :P

Dont judge to early ^^
--- Ign jimsternl93 ---
3 years ago#4
Witchcrafter is a special case. Pretty much every other card follows the same formula for calculating FF stats.

Best case scenario is that cygames have just messed up his stats and will correct.

Not that I really care, seeing as how I'm about as likely to own one as I am to own a third testicle - my objection is just on principle that Demon's dont need to get shafted again.
3 years ago#5
The sleeper reward is the #2 one god ssr Archbishop Cattleya. 24.3/21.3 with 27.5% atk buff (same buff as azazel). 2nd best god buff god card (after zeus). Just pushed Artemis (24.7 but 25% buff) down my wishlist. Base of Lucifer indicates low FF but as others have said may be misleading (and it does have the 30% buff and presumably skills to 15
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  3. why is lucifer's base only 4790?

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