LF order 104/104 base stats

#1maxxam2000Posted 2/11/2013 5:19:57 PM
Will only have 150hp base stats 104/104 I'm hoping top 80 ;) but offer away realistically top 200
#2maxxam2000(Topic Creator)Posted 2/11/2013 5:20:56 PM
Stats are103/105 mybad :)
#3kdelehantyPosted 2/11/2013 9:28:13 PM
We might be able to take you. Hit me up in game/here or on line: kdelehanty
Ign: AngelsOfWar
#4ShadypalPosted 2/12/2013 3:41:10 AM
If you can get another 100 you should join us.

90k ATK
LINE app

Contact me in game or on LINE: Shadypal

Visit our website too:
RoB IGN Shadypal08
#5gerbil1978Posted 2/12/2013 1:57:30 PM
The metal ministry are recruiting 353 last holy wars and have dumped the non actives and are heavily recruiting picked up some good guys already. Looking for top 200 this war

As long as you have/can get line messenger you meet all of our requirements

Hit me up on line or in game username for both is gerbil78