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3 years ago#1
Selling my proper 4-7 ERIS on Bazaar for 191hp. Will reduce to 188hp shortly.

skill level: 4
skill: Great hit to foes Attack

Message me in game (daviddan23) and will take any serious offer. I am Man realm and does not help my defense deck as hoped; will make a real nice, unique God realm defense card.

Unique due to only way to obtain is by using 800 Gems to obtain each base.
3 years ago#2
But it's not unique... There's an unlimited source of them. Just like why Liz isn't super rare (though it has horrible stats for an SSRare as well...) A god SSRare with 17k defense? What's the point of 161 hp for a 13k/17k card? Might as well evolve a high rare. Sentiment isn't work 140 hp.
IGN Echoedsong. Always looking for good god cards.
3 years ago#3
The reason I say it is unique is because you can only get them from Gems. 800 gems to be exact. Im not sure about you, but im holding my gems till i get at least to 2000 for an SSR claim ticket. As far as there being an unlimited supply of them....yeah, I guess you could say that...if lots and lots of players spend 800gems in getting them that is. And to make a final form version would take minimum of 4....so 4x800=3200gems.

I still think its a good card...not great, but relatively good considering it can debuf up to 20% of an attackers strength. If an opponent comes in and deals 110,000 worth of damage, then they would be reduced by 22,000 making their attack only 88,000.

At the very least...its not a card you see very often in an opponents deck.

Take a look at my deck.....see anything "unique". I have a card in there that is just shy of 17,000 in defense but i keep it there because only 200 bases were ever released, which means maybe only 30-40 final forms are even out in circulation.
3 years ago#4
I've got a Fox Spirit going and I'm holding on a Liz, so I understand the rare card thing, but I don't see it going for anything that high. Saving gems for claim tickets here as well.
IGN Echoedsong. Always looking for good god cards.
3 years ago#5
So you guys are saving gems for SSR tickets?
I used to save it to HR before but to see that the prices has dropped on HR, and to get a cheap HR for 50 gems doen't seems like a good deal.

1 HP costs 20 gems, so that means 2000 gives you 100hp.

I also were thinking of going up to SR or SSR, but only gets 10 gems every week.

So wonder if it's best to check out HP only?

What do you guys get every week?
3 years ago#6

I ended up selling my Eris for 134hp and 3 cards, one of which was a Queen of Hearts and it sold in 5 minutes for 18hp...so 152hp plus 2 cards. If i sell each of those cards for a minimum of 11 each, then I would have sold it for 174hp.

Not quite what I was looking for but close enough considering the market fluctuations.

@Tom...I kinda agree with you on your comments...but on same token, I like having cards that are hard to come by. Ive got a base Holy Lancer that Ive been holding onto for quite some time. Only 200ish were ever released and I even turned down an offer for 100hp for it.

@Necz...im holding out for an SSR claim ticket, no matter how long it takes. Now if im getting ready to quit, well then of course I'd cash it in for what I can get, but being Im still playing this game after 1 year, likelyhood of me playing another year is entirely possible...so, SSR claim ticket is where I'm aiming.
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