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User Info: Green_Puff

3 years ago#11
Damn Mobage! They are a bigger threat than Ish is!! Curses!!
You will not forget this devils power!

User Info: Superfam

3 years ago#12
When in game click the mobage icon in the top left hand corner, then click your username and scroll down to the bottom. There is a button called support. Click that then go to rob, from there you'll be able to find a button to message them. Mobage then forward it on to cygames.

It's disgusting isn't it!

User Info: pwnmaster567

3 years ago#13
Same thing happened with Merlin guys. This is what they do

User Info: Thudderman

3 years ago#14
They contact us about these things on the Home page. Scroll down a ways
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