Android update (FYI)

#1FistersaurusPosted 9/12/2013 5:52:53 AM
Just a warning - Can't log out anymore so expect the same for the iPhone update when it's out.
So say good bye to feeders unless you can be bothered to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

As you were!
#2WoodwindtreesPosted 9/12/2013 7:24:31 AM
On Android, you can clear the application cache on your phone and it will log you out.
#3Fistersaurus(Topic Creator)Posted 9/12/2013 9:41:19 AM
Hmm.. Someone else told me this but I tried it and it just logged me back into my account.
#4Fistersaurus(Topic Creator)Posted 9/12/2013 9:57:16 AM
Fistersaurus posted...
Hmm.. Someone else told me this but I tried it and it just logged me back into my account.

Forget that ^^
It does work... had both 'clear cache' and 'clear data' on mine. Didn't think to try the 'clear data' button...
#5ShooBooBalooPosted 9/12/2013 3:38:13 PM
So it's not going to affect alts at all, just make them more tedious to use.

Anything else change?? I've seen screen shots of a new steamlined homescreen.
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#6Fistersaurus(Topic Creator)Posted 9/13/2013 1:17:28 AM
Yes, all the buttons like your 'enhance / evolve / quest' buttons are all golden and shiny. The menu screen is all different too. They've just spruced the place up a little. No change to actual main screen though. One of my order mates says it runs a little smoother but I don't usually play on my android anyway, cos the iPhone seems to work better.

They did post an 'apology' on the home screen saying that you can clear the data and that will log you out (as above), but it sounds like a "Erm.... yeah, we were meant to have it like that"... after everybody kicked off about it. Cos why else would you get rid of the log out button eh?
#7SuperstargumPosted 9/15/2013 10:29:42 AM
Just dont update it rofl~ Fixed that problem =)
#8fire_fist_ace99Posted 9/21/2013 11:37:01 PM
They changed it a few days ago, now you cant play on the old client :(