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User Info: Nox568

3 years ago#1
hi folks...

i have some trouble deciding how to continue in rob. should i improve my atk/def decks or save up hp for an event?

my current atk deck:

dione 4-7 skl 10
king cyrus 4-7 skl 4
halloween sister 8-15 skl 10
kitsune yuel 4-7 skl 10
nereus 6-11 skl 2 (as wing card)

total atk 116k

def deck (sucks terrible i know :D)
aspara 4-7 skl 10
eos 6-11 skl 7
mermaid sorceress 4-7 skl 6
and dione and cyrus as wing

total def: 95k

in stock: 351 hp (+90 personal)

i hope i can get some good advice here :)

greetz nox
IGN: Nox568

User Info: Masamune_DS

3 years ago#2
Since more and more events are requiring more than just a 5-card, I would suggest for you to invest in more cards. However, I'm not too certain where you should start. With the amount of HP you have to could either get about 2-3 FF Legend cards, or a wide-range of FF SSR cards. Though, you could just meet somewhere in the middle also.
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