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3 years ago#1
Haken Browning is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation spin-off series, Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga series for the Nintendo DS and the protagonist of Mugen no Frontier. He is a cool, chivalrous, yet slightly perverted (though it is implied that this is because of his foster fathers influence as his father is shown acting in a similar manner) 23-year-old bounty hunter from Lost Herencia. He was originally found by John Moses on the Mai Tierra being cradled by Aschen Brodel and they are both adopted by him, upon growing up he takes over Moses's job of managing the ship Zeit Krokodil (Time Crocodile in German), serving as its captain and is noted to be similar to his Moses in many ways including their penchant for reckless almost insane plans.

His weaponry consist of a customized rifle with a built-in pile bunker and bayonet called the Night Fowl and a long-barreled handgun called the Longtomb Special. Haken's move-set consist of gunplay and an explosive set of playing cards



Previous day results
Day1:Ryu 6.9/10
Day2:Ken 8/10
Day3:Jill 8.4/10
Day4:X 8.9/10
Day5:Chris 7.3/10
Day6:Zero 8.7/10
Day8:Demitri 9/10
Day9:Frank 9/10
Day10:Hsien-Ko 8.8/10
Day11:Ogami 6.8/10
Day12:Sakura 8.7/10
Day13:Zephyr 8.2/10
Day14:Leanne 8.1/10
Day15:Ulala 9/10
Day16:Kurt 7.9/10
Day17: Riela 8.2/10
Day18:Touma 7.7/10
Day19:Cryille 8.7/10
Day20:Akira 6.5/10
Day21:Pai Chan 7.7/10
Day22:Sanger 9.8/10
Day23:Kos-Mos 9.6/10
Day24:T-elos 7/10
Day25:Alisa 7.9/10
Day26:Soma 8.6/10
Day27:Yuri 8.9/10
Day28:Estelle 7.5/10
Day29:Ling 7.7/10
Day30:Jin 7.9/10
Day31:Kite 8.3/10
Day32:Black Rose 8.5/10
Day33:Chun Li 7.7/10
Day34:Morrigan 8.9/10
Day35:Erica 8.8/10
Day36:Gemini 9/10
Day37:Bruno 8.4/10
Day38:Valkyrie 9/10
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3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#3
10/10 one of the Best Male Characters created by Namco/Banpresto alongside Sanger and Yuri. Helps he is more or less the lovechild of both haha. Half of Sanger's manliness and half Yuris's charm. Put in Haken's own traces of originality and we got a recipe for awesome.
Extra Points for being a battle couple with the girl he won her heart on the first game and spent the second one trying to upgrade it. Here's to ya Haken.
3 years ago#4
Awesome Hat
Awesome Fighting Style
Awesome Personality
and a Awesome Theme
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3 years ago#5
10/10 he's a bro
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3 years ago#6
10/10 for Haken.
3 years ago#7
3 years ago#8

Never a dull moment with Haken around.
3 years ago#9
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3 years ago#10

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