Possible localization hint?

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At some anime-con someone asked travis willingham, laura bailey, and roger craig smith about their funnest moments in the studio,and at
The 6:05 mark,travis drops a comment about some "super super" big project that the three of them along with a bunch of others are working on that they cant discuss,but then he says that its a "very very huge project".take this with a HUUGEE grain salt,but still a possibility seeing as laura voiced chun-li and gemini sunrise and roger as chris redfield.like i said take this with some huge salt as it could just be another anime dub.its at the 6:05 mark.heres the link:

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Why did you post the mobile link. Most people are using computers.

EDIT: Finally found it, and sounds possible, but the video is over a month old, so I'm not sure.
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Oh god, I hope this doesn't mean Willingham is reprising his role as Jedah. I like the guy but he made Jedah seem like a hammy egotastical Shakespeare villain in Cross Edge instead of the cool and calculating demonic being he really is.
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Ahh my mistake,i dont have access to a computer right now so i did it straight from my iphone, ill see if i can fix it in a bit.

Yea i know but dont forget this game has alot of text and TONS of voiced dialogue so i wouldnt rule it out just yet,at the same time take with alot of salt.
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Please let this happen man, I'm starving to play with The shoto duo, Yuri/Flynn Combo oh and Chris/Jill They going to be my highest level characters I'm saying it now
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Desktop link:

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Do they typically do group voice sessions for games like this? As far as I know, they usually do anime and Japanese games individually, so it could be a domestic animation project.