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this is on sale for $19.95 (Archived)pastel8665/29 3:27PM
I finally beat the game. Took 1 year. But I did it. (spoilers) (Archived)SSJ_Jin15/29 6:57AM
My biggest problem with this game. (Archived)Number4375/26 5:08AM
What does "10% increase to all parameters" mean? (Archived)Denzien_of_Sega25/17 2:31PM
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Attacks that target multiple enemies? (Archived)Pink_a_Dink25/11 2:00AM
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Music Glitch? (Archived)Hyper Inferno25/6 4:20PM
I just got the game and the gameplay is SOOO much like Endless Frontier! (Archived)JudgeMaster15/3 3:07AM
What am I playing??? (Archived)Omunall64/20/2014
If Project X Zone had shmup characters... (Archived)Ebb199314/19/2014
Is it really worth doing the New Game +? (Archived)
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Why is Seth sometimes established as the main villain? (Archived)Ebb199314/10/2014
The roster could've been so much better...and why all the guns??? (Archived)
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No Up+A attack for Frank/Hsien-Ko? (Archived)Link_Destined_124/8/2014
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Finally got a good roster (Archived)
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