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I used to really like this game... now i'm tired of it. (Archived)NightRain57/18/2014
They should have put Wolf Hongo as a boss in this game (Archived)Ebb199317/18/2014
If Bison was in NXC and Seth was in this game... (Archived)Ebb199357/15/2014
About the final chapter... (Archived)nswayne27/7/2014
Namco X Capcom X Sega has just happened again... In Smash Brothers. (Archived)ign0to77/5/2014
I wish Tobuscus made a "Literal Trailer" for this game when it came out here (Archived)Ebb199317/3/2014
Counter KO opponent (Archived)Dragonruler999927/2/2014
How does training/grinding work in this game? (Archived)Dragonruler999967/2/2014
I'm hoping for a sequel... (Archived)Xeilua36/26/2014
Who are your favorite Namco X Capcom characters that were left out? (Archived)
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Attack move (Archived)Dragonruler999926/8/2014
50% off sale this week in Nintendo eShop (Archived)Xenon2MB16/6/2014
Remember the "Do you feel offended by Arthur when he loses his armor" topic? (Archived)Dinobolt116/2/2014
Wow...good reviews!? This game doesn't deserve it (Archived)
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this is on sale for $19.95 (Archived)pastel8665/29/2014
I finally beat the game. Took 1 year. But I did it. (spoilers) (Archived)SSJ_Jin15/29/2014
My biggest problem with this game. (Archived)Number4375/26/2014
What does "10% increase to all parameters" mean? (Archived)Denzien_of_Sega25/17/2014
Did you get this game for a specific character/s? (Archived)AurionTobi105/14/2014
Attacks that target multiple enemies? (Archived)Pink_a_Dink25/11/2014
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