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I don't know if the game gets harder but it does get more time consuming. (Archived)
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F**** futureshop messed up their online preorder again (Archived)
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Is better to...? (Gameplay question) (Archived)Xendyl46/26/2013
To anyone who has started to have second thoughts about getting this game... (Archived)rabidchickenofdeath66/26/2013
Music tracks Taken out (Archived)
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How do the English Va's take to game like this and CorpseParty (Archived)Raven23676/26/2013
What would a western version of SRW or Project X Zone be like? (Archived)Raven23666/26/2013
Why isn't Amaterasu in Capcom's arsenal? (Archived)hereforemnant76/26/2013
The Kazamas actually working together? *Spoilers?* (Archived)Raven23646/26/2013
Guess not all copies are the LE. (Archived)
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Just got my copy from gamestop (Archived)
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does anyone else hate the slip case for the soundtrack? (Archived)celljr8946/26/2013
Any reasons why the music was changed? (Archived)Raven23676/26/2013
if Konami castlevania was here would be perfect too (Archived)
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Sonic and Mario could have been a team... (Archived)Raven23646/26/2013
Do you try to keep... (Archived)Dev44576/26/2013
Anyone else get it from and have their order ship out yet? (Archived)Justice9840536/26/2013
No dual audio = no buy (Archived)
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Yay! My copy just got delivered! (Archived)spealfan44456/26/2013
One of the songs.... (Archived)Cooyotess26/26/2013