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Whoops, thought this game came out on the 25th...of July (Archived)mujiha86/25/2013
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How can anyone enjoy this game for a long period of time? (Archived)
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I just got this game and I'm a tad confusedpossible spoilers? 2nd fight (Archived)ShadowsFlite46/25/2013
How long is this game? (Archived)castrejon0466/25/2013
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Is there a way to change the voice acting to English or turn it off? (Archived)NobleRoar36/25/2013
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Are all the characters in the trailers the ONLY ones you can play as? (Archived)spealfan44446/25/2013
Is it sad, (Archived)Darksta56/25/2013
I'm so happy to finally being able to play this game. (Archived)Shynforce198416/25/2013
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Curious to see what's in the Limited Edition? (Archived)UndeadLavitz106/25/2013
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This wasn't explained really well in the game (Archived)1312198736/25/2013
Wanted it, then I didn't, so no pre-order. Woke up today and I wanted it. (Archived)littlecletus46/25/2013
How difficult is this game? (Archived)Nidhogg15166/25/2013
eShop release date? (Archived)jonnovision156/25/2013
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