game possibly framerate/ resolution locked.

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3 years ago#1

The PC version will be a faithful port of the PS3/360 versions with some added elements, right?Miyazaki: Yes. It will be a very faithful port. There won't be any changes to the resolution, and it won't be 60fps.

Not sure if that's an exact translation but that's awful if true. I Will not be purchasing if this is the case.
3 years ago#2
I'm assuming there's a good reason for this, but that's still incredibly lame.
3 years ago#3
Yeah, their reason being how much of a rush job this really has to be.... Each subsequent thing I read has me more and more worried now.
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3 years ago#4
I might buy this just in the hopes of our sequel following in the footsteps of Borderlands. The first game was a very shoddy PC port (but was still quite fun), but due to good sales (and a lot of complaints), the sequel has been said to be released as full PC version, and not simply a shoddy port.

Though, if this is the case, I will wait for Dark Souls to go on sale. I'm not paying full price for some shoddy, rushed version of Dark Souls.
3 years ago#5
This game is going to get the crap hacked out of it.

Also, I thought Borderlands on the PC was actually better than both console versions in every way.
3 years ago#6
Petition time.

Seriously though, what an awful decision. I stood by From with their convoluted co-op and lack of voice chat because I sincerely believed in their artistic vision, but this... what does limiting the resolution/fps contribute to the game? Sounds like a lazy port to me.

Having said that, it's almost guaranteed that someone will hack around those limits so I'm not too worried about it.
3 years ago#7
More goodies.

Graphic options will be similarly sparse, which Miyazaki attributes to Namco Bandai requesting that the game be a “straight port”; this may even rule out optimisation in areas such as Blighttown and New Londo Ruins where the developer’s technical achievements on console were not able to quite match that of their artistic vision, resulting in frame-rate issues.

Oh, Namco what are you doing?
3 years ago#8
That's...even more alarming then.
They've got four months though. I'm sure that they can't possibly spend all of that time working on just the new content.
3 years ago#9
The only reason I wanted this(until I heard about the new content) was the possibility of fixing the frame rate.

Well, I will just wait and see if some aggressive hacks are made for this game, before I even think about buying it.

Sorry Namco. Great game, but if it's gonna just be a "straight port", I'm not really interested in double dipping.
3 years ago#10
If the framerate and resolution are locked this game deserves to fail.
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