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Giant blacksmith, soul of manus, soul of artorias

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4 years ago#1
so i went to the giant blacksmith to make me some boss soul weapons and then i saw greyd out that i can make Abyss Greatsword and Manus catalyst but i need the souls of manus and artorias. how do i get them or where do i get them. i tried to find somethink on google but without luck
4 years ago#2
They're the souls of Artorias and Manus, which you encounter in the DLC area.
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4 years ago#3
in the DLC
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4 years ago#4
means that i have the dlc :D or is it written at everyones game to make them see it ? and how do i know if i have the dlc or not ?
4 years ago#5
The PC version has the DLC included. I'm going to assume you own the PC version, since you're posting on the PC board. So yes, you have the new content.
4 years ago#6
do u know how to get to the DLC area?
4 years ago#7
yes i have the pc version, and wow i didnt know that, for example it says royal wood is next do darkroot garden but i dont know how to get there can anyone explin it or is there any map of that areas ??
4 years ago#8
Save Dusk in Darkroot Basin (behind the hydra). She's trapped in the golem.

Continue with the game as normal. Kill Ornstein and Smough to acquire the Lordvessel.

Place the Lordvessel on the altar in Firelink Shrine. Speak with Frampt (or Kaathe, if you're a Darkwraith) to do so.

With this, the gold fog gates will lift, so make a bee-line for the Duke's Archives in Anor Londo. Once you use the lift to get to the first room in the area, you will notice a blue crystal golem among the crystal dredglings. Kill this golem to collect the broken pendant.

Go back to the cove where you saved Dusk. There will be a dark orb floating in the air. Interact with this orb to access the new areas.
4 years ago#9
have found a video already but thx anyways
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