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Anyone fancy helping me take on Manus? SL 71 (Archived)Shroom_Soul17/20 5:51AM
What mods are worth downloading? (Archived)NineteenWash47/18 12:38PM
Is this a bad port? (Archived)Microelectrode77/13 8:27PM
What's the general level ranges for co-op summoning? *area spoilers* (Archived)Megawizard47/13 9:34AM
Somehow got egghead without even being to Blighttown/Demon ruins (Archived)Toxyn9837/13 7:02AM
Can I run this at all? (Archived)planetvash11257/8 3:48PM
Dark Souls PTD won't launch after Steamworks transition (Archived)vinheimer67/7 11:51PM
MLGS & Priscilla's Dagger (Archived)JAW268817/5 9:41PM
Lightning Uchigatana VS Lightning Washing pole (Archived)oblivionsprite17/5 3:55PM
Running the game kills my internet (Archived)DarkChocobo4717/5 9:30AM
Finding Better Gear (Archived)Aphet47/3 1:33AM
Black knight and dragon disappeared (Archived)lordofthenlpple27/1 9:02PM
upgrade path? (Archived)LeonSK223656/30 10:35PM
My friend is blind playing Dark Souls on Twitch if anyone cares. (Archived)cucumberking26/24 6:49AM
Best thing to do when you don't want invaders (Archived)Zero_Maniac46/23 11:38AM
Question on Darkmoon Covenant (Minor spoiler, I guess) (Archived)ZDragoon16/22 10:36AM
Is there a warp to bonfire script? (Archived)Valderhaug26/20 9:01PM
Intel NUC i5 with HD6000 GPU (Archived)syrss36/16 4:43AM
Textures disappearing? (Archived)AScotti16/16 1:00AM
Quick question on DSfix and online play (Archived)The_Coward133736/14 6:40PM
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