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I need help with Gwyn... Myself, a stupid lady mage who can't parry...xmefiant92/28 7:02PM
lets start up organize some arena actionNpcOfTheYear12/28 10:12AM
Disable random item descriptions after dying?metaIslug22/27 7:14PM
Does a stat raise Lightning damage?lol_charmy52/27 8:25AM
need help with boss in Anor LondoIrishSJ2322/26 4:42AM
Migration to Steam stops DSFix from working/deletes save data. Solutions?CronosXIII32/25 7:49AM
Using a female character = constant button lagsfcalimari82/24 11:35AM
How is the PC port? Can I run this game well?rikku_35072/22 5:21PM
The game won`t start!deathtank22/21 5:09PM
TIL: The caster NPC with Lautrec doesn't even bother casting if you have GMB on.Iron-Tarkus32/19 5:25PM
So, how many online players still there on Dark Souls?gapdesouza42/17 3:52PM
I love rage quitting on people who invade me.thingta4272/17 11:16AM
Installed recently, beat it... my thoughts.Games_Analyst102/17 10:03AM
Is there an up to date save editor?Alexander34422/16 8:56AM
Anyone else get frame rate drops in crystal caves/painted world (gtx 970)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
TheaterOfDreams132/16 8:54AM
is there a way to get the loot on the firelink shrine roof (NO SPOILERS)Alan_00X42/13/2015
I attacked the guy at Firelink Shrine by accident
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Enterring the Depths from Blighttown and Other Sequence Breaking ThingsElward92/13/2015
Need soul of Gwyn in NGHotI3looded12/12/2015
Is there a possible item switch hack?Robo_Rob732/11/2015
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