Think the movies' theme songs will get the GoldenEye treatment?

#1StitchRSPosted 5/24/2012 12:37:29 PM
Like how GoldenEye Wii/Reloaded had Nicole Scherzinger singing the intro instead of Tina Turner?

For me, that'd be the only reason I wouldn't want The World is Not Enough... unless of course it was Garbage that was doing the re-recording.
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#2kybd92Posted 5/24/2012 1:52:26 PM
I doubt it. I would be surprised if we see any of the movies' theme songs other than the James Bond theme.
#3Nowhereman24Posted 5/25/2012 6:50:32 PM
W better get the Bond theme. It wasn't used nearly enough in GoldenEye.