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3 years ago#1
well everything is on the title... at least for once the amazons would be fun to play as. So far only GOw 2 allows you to play as Athena, so having the choice with a woman character would be better.
3 years ago#2
Yeah their excuse about the Kratos animations was a bit of a cop out tbh. As if a woman can't look gruff and badass or fight in a masculine way. I'm sure it'd look fine, as long as they were actually using a decent warrior/fighter model, and not just whore models from the whorehouse, which is what I suspect they were trying.
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3 years ago#3
They can't even be bothered to create a new character model for their beloved multiplayer, not even to pay Athena the homage she is due. Yes, they must be working very hard indeed.
3 years ago#4
The Amazons were killed off long before Kratos made his deal with Ares.

The gods held a contest, selecting champions to go in search of the Ambrosia, a liquid that could cure any illness. Ares selected Kratos by infecting the newborn Calliope with plague, Hades selected Alrik, then the barbarian prince, but making his father ill, and Artemis selected the Amazon queen Pothia by cursing all the women of her tribe to only bear stillborn children.

Kratos cut Pothia in half and his Spartans killed off her warriors. Her tribe presumably went extinct.

As a side note, the wise and merciful Helios saw no need to torture his followers. Instead, he appeared directly to his champion Cereyon, told him of the wager, and granted him godly magic, the only of the champions to possess such powers.
3 years ago#5
How does it feel to "want"?
3 years ago#6
Atalanta could be an option for this.
3 years ago#7
Nope. She's not man enough to have the Kratos build. They're not doing extra animation work. Same reason we don't get special kills for each weapon on each foe.
3 years ago#8
Why would they do a female character? Is there going to be some sort of kitchen level in the multiplayer?
3 years ago#9
I'm not ruling that out. Also, someone has to clean up after the mess the boys make.
3 years ago#10
In GoS there was a concept art for a female Kratos.
She was nude.
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